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We are M&S Educational Consulting Services, where we aspire to provide a new model of high-quality and distinguished educational services from various aspects. We aim to support all essential aspects of the educational process and its associated services, whether technical or administrative, in a new approach that aligns with the global leap


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Our Mission

We aim to elevate the developmental educational level of childhood centers in Kuwait to the highest quality standards

Our Vision

We aim to become the leading educational consultancy in Kuwait by the end of 2030, specializing in the establishment and development of childcare centers.

We are here to support you in understanding the potential of every aspect of your nursery and ensuring the continuity of your business's success.


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15+Successful projects
15+Years of experience
1000+Happy clients

Our Services
Childcare Center Consultation Program


Project Establishment Timeline

We provide a precise plan for establishing your educational project, covering all stages and important activities to ensure a successful and effective start.


Assistance in Program Selection

We offer our expertise to assist you in choosing the appropriate training program for the educational program you offer, while keeping up with updates and modern requirements.


Assistance in the Recruitment Process

We provide comprehensive support for the recruitment process, from setting selection criteria to helping choose the best qualifications.


Training Workshops

We offer specialized training workshops to develop the skills of employees and professionals in the education field, contributing to improving performance and quality.


Development of Training Program Delivery Plan

We help you create a comprehensive plan for delivering training programs, including interactive methods and innovative teaching techniques.

Our Projects

Royal Baby Nursery

Every child deserves royal care and high-quality education in a model training location that provides a safe, healthy, and positive environment to help them develop all their abilities and skills.

Other Projects

Our Partners

We take pride in our partners and appreciate their collaboration.