Royal Baby Center

Are you looking for the best environment to develop and care for your children? Here’s your opportunity to join the Royal Baby Nursery family, where children enjoy an exceptional educational experience and comprehensive care. Explore the unique world of care and education with Royal Baby Nursery!

  1. Specialized Kuwaiti management with high expertise.
  2. A special program for developing the skills of infants and toddlers.
  3. Competitive prices compared to exemplary services provided.
  4.  A curriculum based on the theory of multiple intelligences to develop the child’s abilities.
  5. Providing healthy meals in collaboration with specialized nutritionists.
  6. Offering regular awareness courses for both families and staff at the nursery.
  7.  Having a permanent nurse and using modern sterilization techniques and child examination methods.
  8. Professional training for the staff by experts from the University of Oxford.
  9. Support for natural breastfeeding and provision of a dedicated room for breastfeeding mothers.
  10.  Shoe-free corridors for children and staff.
  11. Utilizing fingerprint techniques for multiple intelligence testing.
  12. Global accreditation in all aspects of child care and education.
  13.  A precise risk management system.
  1. Book now and ensure a safe and ideal educational environment for your children!

    For more information and reservations, please contact us at: +965 66 346 335.

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